BADASS! Honk if your a badass too! Sticker

BADASS! Honk if your a badass too! Sticker

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Own your badassness!

Empowering everyone to play a role to SupportHER and champion for women!

  • 5.5" wide 
  • Gold on white vinyl
  • UV Coat 
  • Let's not forget absolutely STUNNING!
  • Sticker - Bumpers, Vision Boards, Windows, Desks, Office Doors

How to SupportHER?

  • Buy Women-Owned and Women-Led
  • Share her story
  • Nominate her for Women of Inspiration Awards
  • Introduce her to key contacts
  • Speak up against gender-based violence, racism, discrimination, or bullying
  • Write a letter of recommendation
  • Write a Google review
  • INVEST in her business
  • Become a Mentor, or Sponsor!

We are Proudly 100% Certified Universal Women-Owned™